Finally...Signs of Intelligent Life?

And we're not talking about Jessica Simpson. Oh, wait...

Well, knowing, by now, this blog's political bent, you may think that I'm going to write about the fact that Bush's popularity has finally dropped to what I consider a realistic level! Well, I will, but first I came across this little science item yesterday:

Skywriting in the Cosmos
Those of us who are science fiction fans have read various books (or seen numerous films or TV shows) where the characters postulate that a good way to make first contact with an alien species is to send a representation of a common molecule. Usually they mention hydrogen, but DNA, identifying our own species, has also been mentioned. And maybe this has actually been science fact for a while.

So I was taken aback by this little item yesterday, which says that telescopes have spotted the image of a twisted DNA molecule hovering near the center of the Milky Way. The article speculates that the gravity of a near-by black hole may have twisted the nebula into that form. Yes, perhaps the same forces that shaped DNA molecules in the first place twist other things in the universe. But we've spotted a number of black holes, I believe, and none have had images like this one. Food for thought.

And the Secret Woid Is...
Incompetent. That is how the majority of those in the most recent Pew poll describe our President. That has been downgraded from "honest," about a year ago. The other words currently used to describe him, according to that poll, are "out of touch," "good," "idiot," and "liar." I think three out of four of those have been used in those blog for a while. His polled popularity is now down to the low 30's--33 percent in that poll. It just goes to show that what goes around does eventually come around. But what about those 33%?

Daisy Duke Sez
Well, maybe that third of the apple pie can be swayed by this little morsel. Sure Republican governors, voters, senators, representatives and pundits are deserting the administration like rats from a sinking ship. That doesn't really register with a lot of people. But perhaps the fact that Jessica Simpson--not known as one of the premier members of our Brain Trust--is now distancing herself from Mr. President will influence the die-hard loyalists. Of course, we can probably expect a disclaimer and statement of support and loyalty from Ms. Simpson sometime soon, I'm sure--she wouldn't want to find herself in the same boat as the Chicksie Dix. But at least she's doing charity work. Even if it is a charity that promotes plastic surgery to make people look better!!!!

Make Room for Daddy
And, finally, many Washington insiders are calling for the administration to make some changes to salvage what remains of the Bush presidency (three years of it!). But the "resolute" (hopefully now people read that as "stubborn," "pig-headed" and "arrogant") President is typically resisting that--and he probably does have his reasons. He has been very reliant on such people as Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld for so many years, I'm sure he'd feel somewhat bewildered to listen to new voices. It has been said that he needs someone who can mend fences with Congress and communicate with politicians. We know that there are not very many people who are trusted by the President, though. Which is why I suggest that it's time for him to bring back "daddy" and if he can't actually seat him in the main chair in the Oval Office, he should at least appoint him as a senior advisor and liaison. Certainly the elder Bush must feel at least responsible for what his progeny has unleashed on this country. He can even bring along Bill Clinton, if he'd like. But leave Barbara at home, will you?

Posted: Thu - March 16, 2006 at 01:31 PM