The Blog Returns

Does absence make the heart grow fonder?

Eventual Karma
Sometimes it's good to rally, fight and be vocal about your opinions and beliefs.

And then there is a time to sit back and let karma do its thing. Especially when people who supposedly have your trust misrepresent what they promise, what they intend to deliver, look you in the face and tell you one thing while they're doing another, and march to motivations that are not what they really are.

That is one reason for the absence of blog entries in the past two months.

Eventually euphoria leads to disappointment which leads to anger. But the truth always wins out. So I decided to lay low for a while.

And now George W. Bush's polls are in the basement. According to the Wall Street Journal, his support has fallen to 29%. The bulk of editorial cartoons this week also feature commentary on every aspect of the Bush administration's policies being deficient.

I do believe in karma and eventually what comes around goes around. And so it comes to pass.

This is a fine time for two George Bushes to be endorsing ANOTHER Bush (Jeb or Jethro or Ellie Mae, whatever) for president. And it would also seem that the Democrats may be able to reclaim the House or the Senate in this fall's elections. That is assuming they ever come up with some policies or a coherent platform.

FOX in the Henhouse
Speaking of snow in hell... Bush's new press secretary, former Fox News commentator Tony Snow, got off to a rocky start today in his first press conference. When his handlers presumably told him his new press secretary needed to be a pro with snow jobs, the Great Decider must have heard "Give Snow a job."

And on the topic of (rhymes with snow) jobs, Rupert Murdoch, the owner of all things Fox (except Mulder) is going to give a fund-raiser supporting Hillary Clinton! This has enraged EVERYONE--from the left to the right (which are pretty much identical anyway these days)! This frightening wrinkle in the universe may cause me to abstain from producing more blog entries for another couple of months! Though I still would vote for Hillary just to see how Bill will do as "First Lady." Put him back in the White House with lots of time on his hands. Yay! Plenty more blog entries if that happens. Any wonder he wants slimmer high school students? (Answer: slimmer interns.) I wonder what else he's going to mandate (so to speak) in high schools. ("William Jefferson Clinton Foundation Fights for Standard National Oral Sex Education in Health Curriculum") Just kidding Bill... we do love ya. And sympathize with you.

Back to Out of Control
Surprise, surprise, The NSA (National Snooper Agency) has been compiling a HUGE database of everyone's phone calls since 2001 unbeknownst to Congress (though everything these days seems to be unbeknownst to Congress, except the driving records of Kennedys). The Pres says, nah, not a violation of anyone's privacy. 'Course not.

And today, the FBI started investigating a former highly-placed official at the CIA! Maybe they've run out of average Americans to investigate. But maybe if the CIA, FBI, DOJ, IRS and INS get wrapped up in investigating each other, they'll leave us the hell alone. Kind of like a trapped animal in the wild eating itself to death. That's the best thing the Federal government has done in years. Unfortunately, like everything else they do, they'll screw it up.

That's enough of me for this month (probably). The line between cynical and bitter is a fine one, but by any measure I have crossed to the dark side...

May the farce be with you.

Posted: Fri - May 12, 2006 at 04:15 PM