What We Offer

LightSpeed Publishing provides publishers, book packagers, and authors with a quick, reliable, cost-efficient way to produce books, documentation, periodicals, and more.

As of 2017, we have focused on editing: copyediting, line editing, and development and substantive editing. Our clients are well known in the industry, and the writers we work with range from New York Times bestselling authors to literary hopefuls. We edit a mix of fiction and nonfiction.

Formerly LightSpeed Publishing, Inc., LightSpeed Publishing is now a trade name of Earthshine Productions, LLC, and we work under both names. Prior to 2017, we offered full packaging services and worked with a number of longtime subcontractors to provide production services. We can still do that when requested.

LightSpeed Publishing will provide the content you desire, the look and feel you seek, and the deadlines you set, all with professional attention to every detail of your forthcoming publication.

We offer the following services together or individually:
  • Editing and content development
  • Full packaging—from concept to delivery of final files
  • Project management
  • Writing and authoring assistance

Publishers and authors alike appreciate LightSpeed's insightful, helpful, friendly, professional, and comprehensive editing. Our editing services span the gamut, including development, content, and copyediting. A tight developmental edit focuses the author, contributes to a strong publication, and prevents problems later on in the production cycle. Content/substantive edits make sure the subject matter is presented in a logical, compelling, and easy-to-follow manner. In the copyediting phase, we assure consistency, adherence to your preferred style guides, and have a sharp eye for typos. Authors enjoy working with us and always view us as advocates and allies.

 Ask about LightSpeed’s complete packaging services. We’ll put together your publications from initial concept to delivery of final files. Let us bring new titles and ideas to your publishing program, or we’ll take your own concepts, develop them, find authors, manage, and edit them. We’ll deliver a polished final draft, fully-produced pages, or electronic files.

Our services let you farm out the specific responsibilities normally performed by in-house project editors and production coordinators. We have decades of experience at managing authors, and a top-notch group of contracting editors, desktop publishers, designers, artists, photographers, proofreaders and indexers. We'll provide and supervise the services you need to make your publications sparkle! We can give you tighter control of your publications and generally produce them more quickly than is possible inhouse.

Writing and Authors

Whether you need a book, an article, back cover copy, press releases, or rewrites, LightSpeed can do it quickly, accurately, and with pizzazz. We’ll follow the tone and style you prefer. We specialize in accessible, easy-to-understand prose, no matter how complicated the topic, including fiction of all types, how-tos, music/pop culture, metaphysical/spiritual, technical, investigative journalism, humor, marketing, or just about anything you need. LightSpeed can also find, screen, develop, and sign authors for you. And we have deep experience in ghost writing.