Photo album

Just a few shots to let you know who I am and how I stand (flatfooted).
I have not updated this page in ages, as I get older and ooglier all the time.
For current photos, I'd refer you to my Facebook photos, but beware that
you have to be a Facebook friend to view those.

(SC photo taken in LA in Aug '08. Pacey photo taken by Kerry Cusmano.)

Posing As A Musician

To quote from my song Bardland: Well you can dress just like you want; you can be who you want to be.
After writing songs my whole life and choosing not to perform. I decided to give it a go back in 2010—17 with my band,
"Wine Without Reason."
See the Wine Without Reason web site for more pics, but below are some selected favorites.

First, though... In addition to, say, a couple of Beatles, my main musical influence is Michael Nesmith--especially his solo stuff.
I got a chance to meet Nez in Portland in March 2013. Can't decide which picture I like best so here are both. It was amazing.

Nez1 Nez2


Ha, don't I wish!!!!


Just a few musical pictures here. See the band site for more, especially of bandmates Kevin and Bruce McKern. These are a couple of my favorites... WWR site has photo credits, too.

The Doggie Corner

I've had four rescue shelties (Shetland Sheepdogs) since 1996:
Laddie (from Sonoma, CA), Cosmo (from Sonora, CA), and currently Pacey (from Portola, CA) and Tucker (from Jacksonville, OR).

The former two (in doggie heaven) were large by sheltie standards: about 50 lbs. each.
Pacey (who
passed away unexpectedly and suddenly in April of 2018) and Tucker are/were about half that size. Here's a look at them!

Two snow dogs Xmasphoto
Here are Pacey and Tucker in late winter '11, getting to know each other. Beware yellow snow! And here we all are for Christmas '12! One big happy family.

Tucker field Tucker face
This is Tucker. He is a sweet, kind of misplaced, lovable soul, getting on in years now.

Pacey field

This very striking and gentle dog is Pacey, originally named so, I surmise, because that's what he did—pace. It's not good to have a favorite dog, or child, but ... Pacey was just about the sweetest creature I have ever encountered. His passing devastated me.

Pretty as a picture Laddie Laddie boy
Cosmo Cos and the ball

These are my previous departed buddies; both are in doggie heaven now. The top two are of Laddie, my best friend for over a decade; courageous, and a canine who used to love to run like the wind. The bottom row is Cosmo, who died much too young. He was shy and bewildered by the world, but the sweetest and most affectionate doggie you might ever meet. I miss them both. I trust they will be chasing away the blue jays and kitties in the Great Beyond so I don't sneeze when I get there.


A few of my favorite self-photos for any old friends, ex-girlfriends or
ex-wives who want to check in secretly (you know who you are!).
None of these is very recent—I refer you again to Facebook for more current shots.

Sunshine and fresh air

Geezer rock

Ooooh! Scary short haircut!!!

Look into the eyeball

Here's looking at you, kid.
The cool Sgt Pepper collage at left includes a number
of pics of me and my late, dear friend Alan Chapin.

That' the most ridiculous thing...
Halloween 2006. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.


Some shots taken from and around my home here in Ashlandia.

Painted view Nestled in the hills
Here's my lovely home, nestled in the Siskiyous (or maybe it's the Cascades...someone give me a compass).
The left view is a Photoshop "waterpaint" filter. I think the hills are always more pretty in the winter time, as shown at right.

Hover over each pic below for a short caption. Click or double-click each picture for a slightly larger version.

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