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If you're a friend with a Web site and would like to be added to this list, please let us know!

Earthshine Productions  Scott Calamar's personal web site includes multi-tracked MP3s of just about every song he's written, plus a bunch more stuff. You can jump directly to the songs by going to this page. I guarantee that Wine Without Reason's versions will beat the solo stuff but it still may interest you.

Scott Calamar's CDBaby page  I'm slowly adding older songs to this—those that are listenable, which are few and far between. But check 'em out anyway. Tha same songs are available for free at the site above.

Mad World  WWR members Kevin & Bruce McKern started this originals band, based in Medford, OR. Check out their web site for clips, more info, and upcoming gig dates. Also check out their MySpace page. Mad World has produced over 100 original songs in eight years!

Smatter  A "legendary" late-'70s college band featuring Sim Glaser, Jack Wade, Alan Trebat, and Scott, also performing original material. Though the band was only together for the better part of a college year, the members reunite every once in a while to record and play new music. If not for Smatter, WWR would not exist.

Jim Quinby A longtime and well-known Ashland musician, and good friend, he played piano virtually every Sunday night at Alex's (which is now gone) for 26 years. He continues to play regularly at The Wild Goose and other venues.

The Wild Goose  A great small venue (and excellent restaurant) right off exit 14 in Ashland. WWR has played there many times. Owners Dal & Renee Carver are great supporters of live music in town.

Paschal Winery  A beautiful winery in Talent, Oregon, with excellent wine, easy access to the highway, splendid views and a really friendly staff. WWR sometimes plays there in the summer season.

Liquid Assets  A very impressive and friendly wine bar in Ashland, which also hosts live music from time to time. WWR was proud to debut there.

Wooldridge Creek Winery Nestled between Grants Pass and the Applegate Valley, this family-run winery offers superb wine, friendly staff, beautiful views, and great release events, which we love to play.

EdenVale Winery Located in Medford, this winery has one of the greatest performance spaces in the valley. We've only played here a couple of times but it's always an honor and a pleasure.

Atomic Disc  A disc duplicator in Salem Oregon that offers great service. Our first CD, First Vintage, was printed there and we highly recommend them. They are very competitive in prices and quality with the large national duplicators, and very helpful.

CD Baby  We live in an amazing time where an independent artist/band can create a professional-caliber CD in their home studio and have it distributed worldwide--electronically and physically--quickly and cheaply. CD Baby gets your music out there! And it's an Oregon company.

Indie on the Move  List your indie band for free and find venues and resources all over the country. Friendly people run it.

Web sites and promotion by Scott  If you're a musician, band, or business who would like a simple, straightforward, and inexpensive Web site, look no further. Scott's sites include AshlandLiveMusic.com, Jim Quinby, Cindy DeGroft, Stinky MetalWorks, KerryClicks Photography, a few that have gone extinct (bands broken up), and some "back in the day" sites from Sonoma wine country. Scott also offers promotional materials: business cards, posters, brochures, etc.