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Wine Without Reason's long-awaited second CD, The Valley of Darkness, is available!

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(Options are available for Valley of Darkness ($10), First Vintage ($10),
or both CDs ($15 combined). US shipping is $3.)

Physical CDs

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Also, see below for the lyrics.

CD single

Our second CD, The Valley of Darkness, includes twelve original songs, nine of which are new (following First Vintage) and three of which come from Scott's archives, and seem to be favorites of show-goers.

All songs on Valley of Darkness are performed by:
Scott Calamar, lead & backing vocals, keyboards, acoustic rhythm guitars, ukeleles (#12)
Will Bartell, pedal steel, electric, and acoustic guitars, harmonica, backing and harmony vocals
Kevin McKern, drums and percussion
Bruce McKern, bass.

We thank Jim Quinby for piano on "Center of the Universe."

Album produced by Wine Without Reason.

Download lyric sheet/liner notes here.

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First Vintage

Our debut CD, First Vintage, thirteen songs with one hour of original music, was released June 2012.

All songs on First Vintage are performed by
Scott Calamar, lead & backing vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Kevin McKern, drums, electric guitar (lead guitar on  7 & 8), backing vocals
Bruce McKern, bass, backing vocals
Joe Diehl, guitars on 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 12

We appreciate the contributions of the following musicians:
Dirk Price (guitar-1)
Dan Fellman (guitar-6)
Pegi Smith (violin-6)
Marcella Rose (background vocals-1)

Produced by Kevin McKern and Scott Calamar.



Valley of Darkness (2013)

Top of the Stairs (2015)

Look, Don't Touch (2013)

Frack You!

Center of the Universe

Year of Seasons

Turn to Fall

Somewhere Over Your Head

How Do We Get There From Here

Vermont Sun

Don't Grow Away (1977)

Laddie Boy

Or download full lyric sheet/liner notes here.



Walking with the Goddess (1990)

Just See Where We Are (2007)

Clarity (1989)

Never Nothing (2008)

Electric (1982)

Innate Elusiveness

Beyond the Debris (1980)

Working Through The Rust (2010)

Is It the Big One? (1989)

See Your Dark Eyes (1993)

Dig Your Own Grave (1976)

Put Your Fangs Away (2011)

Only A Summer Thing (2012)

Lyrics to other songs performed live

And the Angels Come Down (2006)
Baby with an Attitude (1993)
Bardland (2009)
Bitter Wind (2001)
Colder (1985)
Come With Me (1976)
Duchess (1977)
Forté (1996)
Good Enough (2006)
Got a Thing for You (1992)
Heaven Fallen From The Sky (1978)
Late Night Out (1976)
Losing the Gypsy (1990)
Love Finds a Way (1995)
My Dear Sweet Michele (1995)
Not Growing Old (1988)
Obligations of Flesh (1988)
Roxane Marie (1990)
Ship Come In (1986)
Snow for the Holidays (2004)
Take it Where You Want It (1983)
Temporal Tantrums (1980)
The Best Medicine (2004)
Too Many Candles (2003)
Too Weak To Resist (1977)
You Can’t Even Say You Tried (1974)