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His Master's Voice
His master's voice (2005)

The Original Music of Scott Calamar

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Asteroid Perhaps the most enjoyable facet of my life is writing, recording, and playing music.

Since the age of 12, I've written more than 200 songs and multitracked just about every one of them. Through the convenience of the web, I invite you to listen to and download my music. Back in the '70s, friends would have to come into my room, put on headphones, and listen to my open reel tapes! (Creepy, eh?)

CDBaby distributes CDs featuring my original music: the two Wine Without Reason albums, and a fifteen-track compilation: Scott Calamar's Solosonic Singularities. Included on that CD (released October 2018) you'll also find a Smatter version of "Just See Where We Are," an unreleased  Wine Without Reason live cut of "Late Night Out" and "Waiting on the Asteroid.

These songs are available on YouTube, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, and most streaming services.

Farther down the page, you'll find the listings of my solo albums. Any tracks not distributed by CDBaby (that's most of them) can be listened to or downloaded for free. Don't say I never gave you anything. :) Thank you for listening!

“Official” bio: A mediocre and obscure singer/songwriter with a New York edge, Calamar's music reflects influences including The Beatles collectively and solo, Michael Nesmith, Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, Elvis Costello, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Todd Rundgren, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, David Byrne, David Bowie, Thomas Dolby, and maybe a fifth of Beethoven, a little Gershwin, and perhaps Gilbert & Sullivan. As opposed to Americana, it may be dubbed a bit “cosmopolitan. ”Scott's dad briefly drummed during the Big Band era, and his maternal grandmother was a concert pianist, often playing for silent movies. Scott has played in two bands: Smatter and Wine Without Reason (links on this page) but defaults to writing and multitracking. He goes between piano and acoustic guitar, but also has been known to play bass and a bit of drums.

Who Tube? You Tube!

Like everyone who thinks they're veddy important,
I have a YouTube channel and you can get there from here.
Many of my songs are there in video form, if you prefer.
(Though most not, like, actual videos with motion... just sound with a picture.)
My solo playlist (I think)
I do not tweet.

WWRlogo WWRlogo Since 2010, I've performed and recorded my songs, old and new alike, with my Southern Oregon band Wine Without Reason. Our two CDs, Valley of Darkness and First Vintage, are available above and on iTunes, Amazon, and more. Click the albums to the left to visit the WWR website.

saddestsatin? Smatter

Older and wiser
For additional songs visit The Smatter Site, the mythical band that plays every thirty years, weather permitting. Listen to the fabulous music made by the band and my musical comradesduring the 1970s and a couple of subsequent reunions.

Below you'll find a listing of all my solo songs, organized by album.
Click the underlined links to hear a song; clips are between 3 and 9MB.

A player window should pop up. If it doesn't and you lose the page you were viewing,
press your browser's Back button after the clip.
Otherwise, just close the clip window when it's done.
You can download any song, for free, by right-clicking and choosing the Save As or Download link.
Songs without links are either featured in the player above, or the quality was so bad
(mostly older songs), they weren't appropriate for the web.

All songs copyright Scott Calamar. Published by Calasongs (ASCAP).
All rights reserved. Check the "ID" tags of songs you download for more complete information.


Bardland Some of the Smatter boys with my tongue-in-cheek tribute to Ashland, when life was simple and we could still be politically incorrect without someone yelling "Shame, shame!" Tongue in cheek, friends. It was written for the rhyme.
Just See Where We Are with Smatter & Angelina (2007)
And the Angels Come Down (with Jack Wade) (2005)
Laddie Boy (2005)
Too Many Candles (2003)
Bitter Wind (2001)
The Best Medicine (2005)
Clarity (1989)
Walking with the Goddess (1990)
Roxane Marie (1990)
My Dear Sweet Michele (1995)
Innate Elusiveness (1992)
Got A Thing For You (1992)
Too Weak to Resist (with Sim Glaser) (1977)
Beyond the Debris (1980)
Andromeda Instead (1977)
Thirty (1986)
Forté (1996)
The Good Life (1980)
Don't Grow Away (1977)
Greenhouse Effect (1984)
Duchess (1977)
Late Night Out (live with Smatter) (1975)
Torches and Flames (1975)
Obligations of Flesh (1988, 2008 recording with Joe Diehl on guitar)

This was a long-standing  compilation of my "notable" songs. Any songs that don't have links are on the CDBaby player above.
Where there are duplicate titles, these are the original multitracked recordings and the ones on the player are better performances/recordings.

Digitall If you'd rather not spend the time downloading and sorting through the songs on this page, ask me for DigItAll—a disc of almost 100 MP3 files of my solo music from about 1974 through 2005.

Phatter cover


Too Many Candles
Bitter Wind
Do The Math
Some Feelings Don't Go Away 
Under the Mexican Moon
Soul Survivors
Come With Me 
People Like Us
The Best Medicine 
Snow for the Holidays
Laddie Boy (bonus track) 

My last solo multitracked studio album picks up where Forté  left off, so some songs date back to the late '90s.
It also includes two songs from the '70s that I'd never gotten a chance to record before.
The use of a 16-track Korg digital deck on most songs provides the best sound quality yet.
Most of these songs are in the CDBaby player near the top of the page
on Scott Calamar's SoloSonic Singularities.

Forte cover


Rhythm Of Our Love
Got A Thing For You 
Gary's Getting Married
Happy Home
Baby With An Attitude
See Your Dark Eyes
Love Finds A Way
Ready (And Waiting for You)
Where Do We Go?
My Dear Sweet Michele

A number of these songs are in the player above on Scott Calamar's SoloSonic Singularities.

Surreality cover

Is It The Big One 
Touch of Torches (excerpt of "Torches and Flames")
Walking With The Goddess 
Losing the Gypsy
Roxane Marie 
Not Here, Not There
Kiss and Vinegar 
Innate Elusiveness 
Clarity Spam

Arguably (I debate myself all the time!) my best album.
Many of these songs are currently performed by Wine Without Reason, and on First Vintage.
Those better versions (compare! trade 'em with your friends!) are on the player, above.

Hunter's Cover


Radio Silence
So Certain
Body Heat
Rocks Below
Not Growing Old
What You Are
Obligations of Flesh

Colder cover


Take It Where You Want It
Greenhouse Effect 
On The Vine
Take Another Look
Ship Come In
Paradise No More
Isn't Love Enough?

Debris cover


Beyond The Debris
Back In Action
Heaven Fallen From The Sky
Monsters In The Attic
The Good Life
Temporal Tantrums
Got To Do Something
A Little Smart
Electric (Something In The Air)
Bonus tracks:
Beyond The Debris (alt take)
Beyond The Debris (demo)
Beyond The Debris (synthit)

As If... cover


Can't Wait 'Till The Weekend
I'm Not Asking You For Anything
Too Weak to Resist (with Sim Glaser)
Born To Rerun
Herbs and Beverages
Isle of View
Andromeda Instead
Don't Grow Away
Something So Perfect
Bonus tracks
Valentine (synthit)
Andromeda Instead (synthit)
Can't Wait 'Till The Weekend
Valentine (demo)
Not Asking For Anything (demo)
Reopatra (alt take)
Duchess (1997 remake) 
Something So Perfect (98 remix)
(with Jack Wade)



Dig Your Own Grave
Requiem For A Flyer
Late Night Out
I Find Myself
Millie The Mill Hunk
In A Spin
Apathy Is Good For The Soul
Biography: Another Night Amber
Martian Postcards
Platonically Yours
Vermont: Rain, Shine and You
Bonus tracks
Late Night Out (live with Smatter) 
Late Night Out (synthit)
I Find Myself (synthit)

Mostly Ivory


Two Lonely People
Summer Storm
It's No Good
All I Desire
Being There
Collage: Happy New Year
Come To Love You
Shot Down
Wheels In Motion
A Brand New Dawn
And Nothing Gets Done
(with Sim Glaser, additional lyrics by Sim)
Bonus tracks
Stay Here For A While
(with Sim Glaser)
And Nothing Gets Done (clean take)
and a few bonus cover songs



Bonus track:
Torches & Flames (remake) 
You Were There
You're Only Human
Saying Goodbye
Sands of Time
Stay Here For A While
Is It Worth It?
Hidden Longings
Taking A Stand
Only In The Movies
Torches & Flames
What I've Been Looking For
Sitting Home
At The Party
In My Dreams

Chapter 1


Daily Double
Boy Oh Boy
Sleepless Nights
To Be Understood
Crossing Paths
In the Sun
Won't You Stay?
Kind of Woman

Love and a Burger
You Can't Even Say You Tried
If I Drive You Home
Wonder of Wonders
Go To His Side
Memories of You
Black Hole
Little Kitten's Kisses in the Moonlight
A Simple Love Song
More Hopeless
You're Truly Gone
Oh Little Girl
Baby Your Letter Is Due
I Wonder
Write My Song

We're starting to get far in the past here; I was only 18 when I wrote and recorded these (18 back then was a lot younger than it is today!)
and they sound like it, though I remain fond of some of these tunes to this day.


1970–1973, includes

multitrack remakes of
earlier songs
Have You Had Enough (alt.)
That Same Mistake
The Way
Atom Bombs and Algebraic Terms
I've Finally Found
Former Life
Glad To Have You Back
Living, Loving, & Leaving
Too Much
I Miss You
You're So Fine
She's Just A Girl
Well I Feel
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
What Have I Done
Because of You
Wild Jersey Ferns
Late Night Moonlight
You're All Mine
You Stood Me Up Last Night
Pretty As A Picture
Tranquility Beach
Drop Me A Card
Hopin' For The Best
Stopping Along The Way
I Was A Fool

And these songs were written when I was 14 through 17 so expect that sort of quality--they're not something you'd listen to today (unless, maybe you're 12?).
But those who knew me back then (if they're still alive!) may remember some and be curious.
It's also cool what I have been able to do with noise suppression (and stereo simulation) software to restore them.



Silver City
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
I Can't Stop Loving That Girl
She's Just A Girl
Well I Feel
What Have I Done?
Another Chance
Little Miss Blue Eyes
Because of You
Because of You Two
Me and My Guitar
What She Has Done
Cheer Up Girl
Wild Jersey Ferns
(A Song To Remember You By)
You're All Mine
Late Night Moonlight
Thanx for the Askin'

I didn't completely ignore this album. The above album includes multitrack re-recordings of these tunes so I opted for those.

2 Much


Too Much
I've Finally Found
Gentle Teardrops
Living, Loving, and Leaving
Former Life
Down and I Love You
Look At The Water Wheel
Please Don't Go
Have You Had Enough?
The Way
I Miss You
You're So Fine (Please Be Mine)
That Same Mistake
Please Tell Me Why
With Atom Bombs and Algebraic Terms
You and I Together
Back Together Again
That Same Mistake II
I Don't Know
Hey Darling
What I've Come For

Back to the beginning, yup, the quality of the music is similar to the quality of the cover drawing.
These few tunes are posted for "curiosity," they were written when I was 12 and 13, and recorded on a cheap and noisy two-track tube reel to reel.
Even with restoration software, the quality remains horrible, but I have included a select few in the name of making my "complete catalog" available.
"What I've Come For," which sounds a lot like "Heart and Soul" on the piano (except for the appropriate warpage), is the first song I wrote--the background vocals are my "little sister."
Obviously you're better off downloading my more recent compositions. Thanks for listening.


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