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What started out as a partial Smatter reunion ended up as a live performance by Scott, Alan, & Joe Diehl at the Lithia Artisan's Market in Ashland. A fun time in the sun with a great response. Thanks to those who helped and those who attended! This spawned Scott's new band, Wine Without Reason.

ArtisanMktperformance  LAM2

Bardland CD cover

APRIL 2009, Bardland by THE RETTAMS

Impromptu vacations allowed a partial reunion: Scott, Alan, Jack,
with Ashland guitarist extraordinaire (and bassist, too, in this case) Joe Diehl
on this tongue-in-cheek homage to the quirkiness of Scott's adopted hometown.
Sorry ... we just can't resist a cheap rhyme (the song's hook).
And, these days, the lyrics will get people's knickers in a knot.
So please approach with a sense of hummus.

SMATTER: 1977!

For a brief shining moment (about half a year!), there was the greatest (in our minds) band in the world: Smatter.

 The band included Sim Glaser (guitar, bass), Jack Wade (piano, guitar, bass), Alan Trebat (drums), and Scott Calamar (bass, piano, guitar). Sim, Jack, and Scott wrote the songs and the band had a lot of rehearsals. We did a few gigs that had the student body hopping, and capped our career opening for a band called "Road Apples" at our college's end-of-classes picnic, May 11th, 1977. That's where the pictures below were taken. 

This page not only commemorates our brief time together, but provides a forum for music from each of us and a way to contact us.

Lokin' down
More LNO


The full original band regrouped for a 30-year reunion in Ashland, Oregon. We had a great time, recorded some fab new songs, and even added a fith member, Curt Cassingham, on bass. Listen to or freely download the songs below. 

  RECORDINGS with the full band!
(All songs arranged by Smatter)
Our cover What Do You Think of Me? (Wade)

Just See Where We Are (Calamar)
Additional vocal by Angelina 

Soft Soul Woman (Glaser)

Don't Tell Anybody (Wade)

Smatter live in Ashland


The only "full-band" songs on record were taped live  5/11/77, complete with crowd noises, wind "boom", and bad quality (mistakes). We present the best ones here for your listening pleasure:

Gonna Buy Me a Mountain (Jack Wade)
Saddest Satin Pette (Sim Glaser)
Judy (Jack Wade)
So Fine (Sim Glaser)
Late Night Out (Scott Calamar)
What Say You and I Get Married (Jack Wade)
Still Talking to Walls (Sim Glaser)
And There You Were-1998 remix (Sim Glaser)

There were also a number of other joint recordings:

And the Angels Come Down (Scott Calamar, performed by Scott and Jack, 2006) 
All I Know (Jack Wade, performed by Jack and Scott, 1986)
Hands Across the Land (Sim Glaser, performed by Sim and Scott, 1977)
Still Talking to Walls (Sim Glaser, performed by Sim and Scott, 1975)
Too Weak to Resist (Scott Calamar, performed by Scott and Sim, 1977)
And Nothing Gets Done (Scott Calamar, additional lyrics by Sim, performed by Scott and Sim, 1975)
Stay Here For A While (Scott Calamar, performed by Scott and Sim, 1975)
Damn I Do (Jack Wade, performed by Jack and Scott, 1986)
First Time This Lifetime (Sim Glaser, performed by Sim and Scott, 1975)
S/B (Scott Calamar, performed by Scott and Jack, 1986)
Something So Perfect (98 remix) (Scott Calamar, performed by Scott and Jack, 1977)
All songs property of their composer. Calamar songs ℗Calasongs (ASCAP).


Sim Glaser

We all agree that Sim makes some of the finest music.
As a rabbi, his music is focused in that direction, and as inspired as ever. You can hear him on:

Rabbi Sim!

Sim has also done other beautiful music over the years, including a wonderful album Songs from the Book of Jonah and Shir Mi-Libeinu: A Song From Our Heart

Alan Trebat

Alan on drums

Based on the east coast, Alan is a prolific drummer in his spare time, playing with numerous bands and lending his beat to various types of music. 

Scott Calamar


Scott's band Wine Without Reason  performs his original songs (some of which were covered by Smatter) in local clubs and at wineries in Southern Oregon—see the band's web site for scheduled gigs and recordings. Check out his personal music page or Web site for his solo recordings.

Jack Wade


Jack has turned his back on the world and sits with his thoughts and his memories. Oh wait, that's from The Rutles. Actually, Jack continues to play piano and one day hopes to be quite good at it. ;)